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Nico35, is a charity registered in Scotland SCO43100.

On 19th May 2011, Nicholas Stormonth, a solicitor and keen cyclist, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Nick underwent chemotherapy in the summer of 2011, continuing to cycle and work as a solicitor throughout treatment. On 10th November 2011, Nick was terminally diagnosed with inoperable peritoneal blobs. Despite his diagnosis, Nick, did not give up and continued to cycle and to work.

When Nick was initially diagnosed, his first goal was to get back to cycling, and together with his good friend from Ireland, David Bayley, they discussed that they should plan one last ride,  Gran Fondo (literally translated as big ride) together. For this last ride together they chose the challenging  GF Milan San Remo, which follows the exact same route of the opening professional cycling classic of the season from Milan to San Remo. It has a distance of 294 kilometres (or 185 miles) and is the longest Gran Fondo in the cycling calendar.

Nick and David did it and rode from Milan to San Remo on the 10th June 2012 in 11 hours and 2 minutes (not forgetting the 21 seconds), placing 583rd and 584th out of 679 finishers. More importantly they cycled together as they promised and both achieved their dream of riding the route of one of the classics where their heroes had ridden.

The Gran Fondo Milan San Remo may be over for 2012 but that does not mean that the charity has stopped raising funds. More fund raising events are planned. 


As well as this personal goal Nick wanted to assist others  in his situation who may be suffering from cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. He therefore  set up a charity, nico35, to raise awareness and support for people and their carers who suffer from cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. “Nico” an italianised “Nick”, 35 for the age when Nick was diagnosed and 35kph an average speed Nick aimed to attain!

Sadly Nick passed away on 2nd September 2012.

Last of all, we would like to thank you for your support. If you would like any more information please contact us at info@nico35.co.uk

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