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Nico35, is a charity registered in Scotland SCO43100.


The Trustees are delighted to advise that the charity has raised in excess of £53,000.  We are pleased to say that to date the funds have been paid as follows:

  1. The Maggies Centre have received a gift of £10,500 which  enabled them to fund a Stress Management Course for the year of 2013. An additional sum of £3900 was paid to finance provision of a male support group. 

    A further sum of £900 was paid in 2015 to finance the support of the new Men’s weekly group in the centre to help men affected by cancer and looking at the impact of diagnosis and treatment and their ongoing living with cancer issues.


  2. St. Columba’s Hospice received an initial sum of £10,500 which was used to purchase two air beds as well as the two air mattresses and the balance towards another bed or mattress at St. Columba’s discretion. They have been paid a further £3900 of which £2900 was used for air matresses and £1000 was used towards garden development at the Hospice. 

    A further sum of £900 was paid in 2015 to purchase further air beds and mattresses.


  3. Edinburgh Cancer Care received a cheque for £7,000 to finance installation of wi-fi into ward 1 where patients receive their chemotherapy.  A further £2600 was paid towards ongoing running costs. Wi fi is now installed and operating successfully. 

    A further sum of £600 was paid in 2016 towards ongoing running costs of wi-fi in Ward 1.


  4. MacMillan Cancer Support received an initial cheque for £3,500 and a further £1300 for the purpose of grants to help people with cancer in East Lothian. 

    A further £300 was paid in 2015 for the purpose of grants to help people with cancer in East Lothian.


  5. As Nick spent many months in the Sick Kids Hospital in his pre-teen years whilst suffering from Crohns disease the Trustees decided that the Sick Kids Foundation should receive a donation. Funds of £5,100 were distributed to the Sick Kids Foundation in 2015 for the purpose of the following:

  • Vein Finder to be put in PIU

  • 4 Buzzy Deluxe kits (loaned to patients travelling on holiday)

  • 4 Tablets or ipads to use while having iv infusions or when waiting and that these to be loaded with the free “My IBD” app developed by one of the trainee Paediatricians.

  • Any balance to be put towards any of the above at their discretion.


As you may be aware Nick was very keen that funds were not used towards any administration costs and it is therefore important the nature of spending of the funds is known before donations are given. 


We confirm the charity is ongoing and would take this opportunity to thank you again for all your efforts and donations. 

Supported Charities


Musselburgh Road Cycling Club

MRCC – Nico35 Team Time Trial Trophy


In January 2014 The Trustees of Nico35 presented a trophy to Musselburgh Road Cycling Club in memory of Nick.


MRCC hold a very popular, early season 3 up Team Time Trial which takes place around the roads of East Saltoun in East Lothian early in March. This was one of Nicks favourite early season events therefore it was decided to name The trophy MRCC – Nico35 Team Time Trial.